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Dr Delia Dimitriu

Dr Delia Dimitriu is considered  one of the world’s leading authorities on aviation’s environmental impact, with focus on sustainability. Her main activity is conducted in C-E Europe and Asia.

Delia has an interesting background in infrastructure related projects, environmental management for business community, policy instruments and decision making process.

She has particular interest in climate change related to aviation sector: EU/ETS, offset programmes, carbon footprint and fuel management. Delia was part of a team that won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for its work on climate change and is a member of the  IPCC Fifth Assessment Report; WG3-Mitigation, Chapter 8-Transport (2010-2014).

Currently she is working with Airbus CE to research the feasibility of commercialising bio-fuel made from several feedstocks. The sustainability assessment and LCA are an important part of this work. Delia’s  most important work related to this proposal is the project Romanian camelina value chain, in which she is required to prove the sustainability of the chain from agricultural aspect to technology and aeronautical phase.

Work Experience

Dates 2008 – Present
Position held Consultant
Main activities and responsibilities Developed methods for the implementation of EU-ETS. Conducted projects on the implementation of EU-ETS. Proved ability in identifying issues of concerns at airport and airlines level. Conducted activity related to quantification and development of mitigation measures. Coordinated and supervised statements formulation for use by representatives stakeholders (i.e. CAAs, airlines & airports) while providing appropriate policy direction and strategic guidance. Promoted TAROM at international level (e.g. COP15).Acted as adviser on environment for the Romanian delegation at ICAO (since Jan. 2010).
Name and address of employer TAROM – Romanian Air Transport, Romania
Dates 2000 – Present
Position held Research Assistant, Research Fellow
Main activities and responsibilities Conducted studies, developed and analyzed policies and strategies related to sustainable aviation, with focus on aircraft noise and engine emissions. Developed methodologies for analysis and control procedures to mitigate air pollution problems and management of noise impact concerned with Civil Aviation or Airports Operation. Developed and analysed case-studies on the implementation of new operational procedures (e.g. CDOs). Assisted CAAs and airlines in implementing voluntary measures to reduce aviation emissions (e.g. new operating practices; offsetting). Developed sustainability indicators for decision-making process in aviation sector. Analysed Aviation Environmental Tradeoffs and Interdependencies. Initiated and implemented tools and techniques by which progress can be measured (e.g. fuel efficiency benchmarking). Involved in developing a global strategy to limit or reduce green house gas emissions attributable to international civil aviation (IPCC Report on Aviation and the Global Atmosphere, 1999; part of the group awarded with 2007 Nobel Peace Prize). Liaised and ensured cooperation with European and international organizations (IATA; ACI; EIA; ICAO-CAEP, UNFCCC) and bodies whose environmental activities are of importance to CATE. Represented the Centre as invited speaker at several international events (e.g. InterNoise, ANERS, Environmental Summit, etc) and published relevant results.
Name and address of employer Manchester Metropolitan University, All Saints Building, All Saints, Manchester M15 6BH, United Kingdom
Dates 2006 – 2010
Position held Consultant Business Development
Main activities and responsibilities Involved in strategic and business planning, in using project management practices and procedures. Conducted projects on airport and engine emissions. Advised and assisted the development of criteria and methods to implement studies on environmental assessment at several airports (i.e. Heathrow; T5). Advised and assisted CAAs in identifying the needs to implement Environmental Management Programmes at airports. Coordinated and implemented the work-programme on aviation environment. Development of policies and guidance material. Explored potential of funding from international organisations and business community.
Name and address of employer EC Harris, Manchester
Dates 1996 – 2000
Position held Environmental Manager
Main activities and responsibilities Coordinated the entire activity of the Airline, related to the environmental protection. Supervised activities related to technical co-operation and programme development including implementation activities at the CAA level. Promoted awareness on aviation-environment by preparing information material, articles and presentations. Delivered professional training. Involved in conducting negotiations with governmental authorities, aviation stakeholders (including EPA). Supervised change initiatives, promoting quality management and fostering innovative reforms.Represented TAROM and Romania at international events and working groups (e.g. IATA & ICAO/CAEP; UNFCCC).
Name and address of employer TAROM – Romanian Air Transport, Romania
Dates 1984 – 1996
Position held Researcher
Main activities and responsibilities Involved in research in chemistry and inventions (Gold Medal, Geneva 1994), developed research programmes and training at the Romanian Ministry of Research level.
Name and address of employer Romanian Ministry, Romania

Education and Training

Dates 2000 – Present
Title of qualification awarded Doctorate
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Aviation Sector
Name and type of organisation providing education and training Manchester Metropolitan University
Dates 1995 – 1996
Title of qualification awarded Postgraduate Studies
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered MSc. in Environmental Management for Business Communities
Dates 1978 – 1983
Title of qualification awarded BSc & MSc
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Chemical Engineering
Name and type of organisation providing education and training Politechnica University of Bucharest
Dates 1976 – 1978
Title of qualification awarded Certificate
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Faculty of Physics
Name and type of organisation providing education and training Babes-Bolyai University
Dates 1972 – 1976
Title of qualification awarded Special English Diploma
Principal subjects/occupational skills covered High-school, Cluj Napoca
Name and type of organisation providing education and training Romanian Ministry of Education

Additional Information

Member of Professional Associates

Delia is a member of the following professional associates:

  • Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD International)
  • EEMA – European Environmental Management Association
  • International Air Traffic Association – IATA
  • ENTAF (Environmental Task Force)
  • International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)
  • CAEP (Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection)
  • X2-Noise, an EC Thematic Network
  • IATA-ENTAF (International Air Transport Association – Environmental Task Force)
  • ICAO-CAEP, WG 4, Emissions/Operations
  • AAAE (The American Association of Airport Executives)
  • EEMA (European Environmental Management Association)
Specialisations and Qualifications
  • Ph.D. in Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • International expert in Sustainable Development and Globalisation, with focus on climate change.
  • Analysed and assessed the EU enlargement process, Economy In Transition (EIT) countries, with particular focus on Romania.
  • Analysed and assessed the role of aviation in transitional economies (C-E Europe).
  • Performed research & studies on SEA & EIA, policies, plans and programs on environment, in the enlargement process.
  • Organised seminars on Sustainable Development in transitional economies.
  • Performed surveys on noise culture across Europe (quantitative and qualitative data collection).
Awards and Patents
  • Special prize from IPCC for contributing to the awarded of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Geneva International Inventions Saloon, 1994 (Gold Medal)
  • National contest for inventions, 1993 (Second prize)
  • International Saloon for inventions INVENTA -1993, Bucharest (First prize)
  • Patent: USA: 5,252,276: “Method of Making Board Made of Lignite Ash-Slag, Wood Particles and Synthetic Adhesive”
  • Patent: RO : 105706 B1: “Produse termoplastice obtinute din reziduuri plastice si cenusa de termocentrala”; Thermoplastic products using used plastics, ash and slag)
  • Patent: RO: 107927 B1 : “Procedeu pentru obtinerea placilor minerale”(Method of making particle mineral board
Selected publications
  • D. Dimitriu, L. Dobbie, V. Galotti, A. Lieuwen, S. Nakao, D. Raper, H. Somerville, R.L. Wayson, S. Webb (1999). Aviation and the Global Atmosphere; Chapter 8: “Air Transport Operations and Relations to Emissions” , Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp: 271-291;
  • Lee DS, B.Owen, D. Graham, C. Fichter, LL. Lim and D. Dimitriu, (2005): International aviation emissions allocations-present day and historical. Manchester Metropolitan University, Centre for Air Transport and the Environment, Report CATE, 2005-3©-2;
  • De Lépinay, I., Dimitriu,D. & Melrose, A. (2006). Environmental impact assessment of Continuous Descent Approaches at Manchester and Bucharest Airports; Internoise2006, Hawaii;
  • Dimitriu, D &. Martin, C. Optimised trajectories for CDA; Asian & Korean case-study, SEOUL Regional Aviation Authority, IP/08/2008, Seoul, South Korea;
  • Dimitriu, D et al. (2000) “Operational opportunities to minimize fuel use and emissions” ICAO Circular 303, AN 176.
  • Dimitriu D. (2008) Operational Practices to Environmental Impact Reduction, in European Research; opportunities in aviation sector, Tartu Aviation Academy; WP/04/2008.
  • Dimitriu D. Hugues Remy & Carole Martin (2008) – Operational Trade-offs: CDA implementation in Asia – AIRBUS approach, Kiev, X3-Noise 24th Month Report;
  • Dimitriu D., Magheti, M., Aviation and the environmental noise directive; An analysis of difficulties and gaps in the implementation, Revue Roumaine des Sciences Techniques, serie de Mechanique Appliquee, Tome 53, Nº 1, 2008, Editura Academiei Romane, 2008;
  • Dimitriu D. (2006). Aviation and the Environmental Noise Directive: an analysis of difficulties and gaps in the implementation. Invited paper, InterNoise2006, Hawaii;
  • Dimitriu D. (2006) Research opportunities in aviation sector. New Member States: present challenges – CALM;
  • Dimitriu D. & Martian,V. (2004). Noise Monitoring – a Challenge for Central-Eastern European Airports: the case of Romania (invited paper); InterNoise 2004, Prague;
  • Dimitriu D. (2003). Air Transport in C-E Europa: environmental management. GreenPort 2003, Berlin;
  • Bristow, A., Wardman, M., Hyme, K & Dimitriu,D. (2002). Attitudes Towards and Values of Aircraft Annoyance and Noise Nuisance; Attitudes To Aircraft Annoyance Around Airports (5A) – Survey Report; EEC/SEE/2003/002; EUROCONTROL;
  • Dimitriu, D. (2002). Air Pollution and Aviation; invited speaker; ETMS’02 – Bandung, Indonesia;
  • Dimitriu D. (1999) Expert judgement on aviotin and climate change; stakeholder consulting / Lead Europe IP/10/99, UNFCCC-BON COP 5 (Conference of the Parties at its fifth session / Eleventh sessions of Subsidiary Bodies), Bonn;
  • Dimitriu, D. (1997) Assess proper techniques to reduce emissions (airline/airport), IATA & ENTAF IP/97;
  • Dimitriu, D. CNS-ATM- an airline case-study,. The Importance of an Air Traffic Modernization Action Plan To Climate Protection, FAA/AIA/AAAE/IAAE; 7-9 Oct. ’98, Bussels;
  • Dimitriu, D. (1996). Integration of several environmental effects into an EMS for airlines; case study-TAROM, EAEME, Varese, Italy;
  • Banciu, A.S., Ciacoi-Dimitriu, D. (1989) Outstanding Discoveries in Biochemistry, Albatros, Bucharest (in Romanian);

Contact Details

Centre for Aviation, Transport, and the Environment (CATE-E436)
Manchester Metropolitan University
School of Science & the Environment
John Dalton East Building, Chester Street
Manchester M1 5GD
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)161 247 1578