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Miscellaneous Climate Models

Model Offline Contrail Modelling and Analysis tool (COMA)
Description / Purpose Calculate contrail coverage from aircraft movements.
Data source / Input ECMWF/NCEP met. data, aircraft movements, propulsion efficiency, satellite observations of contrail coverage.
Output Natural cirrus clouds, potential contrail coverage and contrail coverage.
Spatial dimension Country, regional, global.
Temporal dimension 6-hourly, monthly, seasonal and annual.
Sample applications Contrails coverage trends, impact of fuel efficiency on contrails coverage.
Model Edward-Slingo radiative transfer model
Description / Purpose Implementation of a radiative transfer code from the UK Met Office. Based upon an implementation and testing of the E-S model for cirrus clouds with the Met Office’s global climate model (GCM).
Data source / Input Atmospheric composition, land cover, cloud fields, albedo, meteorology.
Output Radiative transfer over ‘columns’ of the atmosphere.
Spatial dimension Country, regional, global.
Temporal dimension Monthly, annual.
Sample applications Many applications: used at MMU for aircraft applications of contrails, cirrus (main developer) ozone changes from chemical perturbations.


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